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In a 1 minutes lenghty game, you'll have to put cards on the terrain then play a rythm game, the difficulty and the point earned for the minigame is related to the level and effect of the cards  (the hardest it is, the higher you get).

When the mini game start you have to press button at the right tempo to play notes, if you miss 5 notes the game end, only card you fully played on will count toward score so be carefull when you draft!

When both player end the minigame, the addition of the debates point earned is compared and the highest score win.

The game is in french  

Team :

Game design : Emilie Regnier

Game design : Guillaume Peignot

Graph/Game design : Raphael Da Costa

Graph/Management : Benjamin Baptista

Dev : Pierrick Chevron

Dev : Maxime Blandin

Dev : Robin Lacomblez


KaraOCardV1.2.apk 55 MB

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